Wednesday, February 09, 2011


Because Maddie's birthday and Christmas are so close, last year I decided to start the tradition of giving a class or activity each Spring. This year Maddie chose soccer. She's been gathering with four to six other three and four year-olds each Tuesday afternoon to kick a ball around the artificial turf field. It's awesome.

Here's Maddie and Nicole ready for their hearty (ahem) exercise:

Going through my pictures, had to laugh that most are posed shots of these two cuties. Not a lot of action photos. LOL.

They are learning all kinds of soccer techniques, having fun while doing so. When they stop to listen to directions or wait their turn, one foot holds the ball in place (no hands!)

Nicole and Maddie are such excellent listeners and intent on following directions to the letter. Far from the fastest kids on the field, they focus on doing exactly what Coach Tom and Coach Ryan instruct them to do.

Maddie says her favorite part is "scoring goals!" Coach Tom is especially gifted at "missing" the goal kick, letting it pass through his legs and into the net.

I don't know how these teachers and coaches do it. A huge group of energetic, hilarious, intense little kiddos learning a new skill is a sight to be seen. Hooray for soccer!

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so cuuute!