Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Pioneer Woman in SF

Last night Mel and I had the pleasure of attending The Pioneer Woman's book signing in San Francisco at Books, Inc. Fortunately Mel had called ahead to see when we should plan on arriving in order to get a good spot. They recommended 5:00 and we got there about 5:15. (We were such adventurers, we even rode in on BART).

We waltzed right up to the counter, purchased our books and picked up our handy-dandy bookmarks with our assigned letter group for signing. We entered the room where the talk would be held and were pleasantly surprised to see many unoccupied chairs. We picked two, dead center, only three rows back. Three rows back, from my most favorite blogger in all of the internet! Mel picked us up some caffeinated beverages from the attached Peet's Coffee and we were ready to rumble.

Here's Mel chatting it up with an Alamo gal while the room slowly fills. We were in group D, which means we were in the first 60-80 people to arrive. Eventually, according to Books, Inc. employees, 400 people showed up for the event. The temperature rose to over 80 sweltering degrees in the room, allowing me the pleasure of completely pitting out in my darling blouse. (Luckily for me, this is something Ree and I have in common: nervous intense perspiration. This could be a whole other post, but I digress.)

We grabbed a couple shots as we waited, patiently and with great jitters (thanks, Peet's, for a super glass of iced tea).

Our waiting was rewarded with not only the joy of meeting like-minded folks, bloggers and crafters and photographers (not to mention the line for the single-sex restroom in all of the store), but Ree Drummond herself, who arrived right on time with her posse in tow. We were introduced to her two daughters, Alex and Paige, her sister-in-law Missy, her niece Ally, and mother-in-law Nan (aka MMM, or Marlboro Man's Mama).

Pioneer Woman took the mic, confessed her nervousness and overperspiration, and started taking questions. She is as lovely, personable, delightful and funny in person as she is on her blog. She said that she loved book signings more than anything because it felt like meeting a bunch of old friends. (Good to know she feels about us the way I feel about her).

She entertained an entire room of 30-60 something (mostly) women with tales of cooking, blogging, parenting, homeschooling, keeping marriage alive, writing books and ranching. It was so, so fun. Mel and I are just thrilled that we could attend.

When they announced it was time for the D group to start lining up, we made our way to the back of the line, which quickly morphed into a large conglomeration of confused ladies, standing around, packed like sardines, hot, sweaty, and eager to meet Miss Ree. We didn't happen to glance at a clock to see how long we waited, but it was well worth it. Here I am, toes at the ready, next in line to have my books signed:

I joked with Ree about my nervous sweating and the fortunate choice to bring a cardigan which concealed the large wet rings. She laughed and was glad to know she isn't alone in this big world. We talked for a few minutes about San Francisco, blogging, and my determination to make it out to her lodge for a cooking demonstration. She assured me that next year she will be home for an extended period of time (no more visits to SF. Boo.) Ree acted like she had the entire evening to chat, like we were two old friends enjoying a cup of tea in her kitchen. So, so lovely and delightful.

Mel was next and offered to come to the ranch and give her kids soccer lessons. Ree informed Mel that her oldest daughter has her sights set on CU for college and Mel was beyond excited to know of another possible future Buff. They chatted about blogging and she signed Mel's books, one of which will be a giveaway on her blog, so be sure to head over there soon. (I considered sharing a book for a brief moment but decided to keep it for myself. Since most of my followers are my friends and family, I figured you can just borrow the books from me. Ha!)

Here they are! I read her love story in one day. It is a great, fun, romantic read. I highly recommend it to anyone who appreciates a good love story, highlighted with food, life on the farm, disasters involving sweating and fashion, and good writing.

Thank you, Pioneer Woman, for a memorable night! Mel and I hope to see you soon at your lodge! :)

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mel @ the larson lingo said...

SO.MUCH.FUN!!!!!!! I am so glad we went together! What an amazing experience :)