Wednesday, September 09, 2009

School Days!

Today was Maddie's 1st day of preschool! We decided to start the year off right with a Back-to-School Party last night, and our theme for the evening was: Alphabet!

The centerpiece and decor

Maddie's chair and "special girl" crown

decor closeup

Cheers! It just wouldn't be a celebration without "sparkly!"

The meal: alphabet mac & cheese, roasted veggie letters
& fresh tomato salad (Maddie's personal favorite!)

The dessert: Alphabet mini cupcakes!

M is for Maddie!
(notice she can't take her eyes off dessert)

After dinner we spent a few minutes praying for and speaking blessings to Maddie. We prayed for her class and for her teachers. We prayed that she would be kind and obedient, and that everyone would grow to know and love our Maddie for all she is: kind, smart, compassionate, caring, curious, outgoing, and so much more!

Last night we got Maddie down early for a good night's sleep before preschool. She woke about 12 saying she had to go to the bathroom. Ben got up to help her and it wasn't until around 5am this morning that I realized he never came back to bed! He didn't have any concept of what time he got up with her, so he laid down to help her get back to sleep and stayed the rest of the night there! :) She woke up at 6 am, tickled to find Daddy in her bed, and excited about school.

The big girl, all ready for school!
I hardly recognize her in this picture; so grown up!

Mama, Maddie & Samuel on our way to school

Ready or not, CPP, here comes Mighty Maddie!

Excited to meet her teacher, Mrs. Sims

Samuel conked out in the stroller while Mama & Daddy
grabbed coffee after a successful drop off!

When we went back to pick her up, Maddie didn't want to leave! As all the other kids poured out to meet their parents, Maddie continued playing outside with her teachers. :) When she finally came out to greet us, Mrs. Sims said, "Some kids could just TEACH the class!" Ben and I got a good laugh out of her remark, as that is our Maddie to a T. We're so glad she was able to be her outgoing, assertive, smart self on her first day of school.

Maddie said she did an art project at school, a paint project of the ocean, "Like Hawaii, and like Jennie!" (She was very excited and proud of putting all these things together). She enjoyed meeting Mrs. Fairchild (Bible teacher) and Mrs. Knoll (art teacher) and even played with her classmates!

All in all, a great first day. We are so proud of our big girl. Way to go, Preschooler Maddie!


bonnieb said...

Oh my! What a wonderful description of the first day of pre-school! Thank you, Becky, for sharing it with all of us!

jennie said...

All these pictures and descriptions make me want to go back to preschool! I'm so happy for Maddie and the family that she had such a great time. I'm so honored that she thought of me during her day...I cannot believe it!!! Maddie made my week!

The Holbrook Family said...

yeah Maddie! CPP is blessed to have you! So glad the first day went well!

mel said...

YAY! So fun! Love the dinner theme also! I am so glad she had a great day! This makes me so excited for Kate to go with her next year! Horray for school!