Sunday, September 06, 2009

Six Months: unbelievable!

My sweet little boo-boo bear,

I cannot believe that you are six months old. SIX. Half a year. Halfway to your first birthday. Boo hoo! You must remain my baby forever, understand? No more growing. Stop it.

Okay, seriously, first things first--you are growing, whether I want to believe it or not. You are--how shall we say it?--an enthusiastic eater. You love your milk and you sing for your cereal. I can't wait to get started on fruits and vegetables. A whole world of flavor awaits, my little man! Next thing I know you'll be pounding away the shellfish with your sister.

You are, without a doubt, the smiliest baby I know. All we have to do is walk in the room, look at you, make a sound in your direction, and your face lights up with a large, gummy, round-cheeked smile. Some nights after you've gone to sleep I will flip through pictures on iPhoto and my eyes well up with tears when I see that little smile. It is glorious! Complete strangers comment on your easygoing and happy nature. You can make anyone's day with that grin.

This month you've really gotten mobile. You spend a lot of time on your belly these days, spinning around to reach toys or stretching for a handful of your sister's hair. You will dig your toes in, pull your knees under, and inch your way across the floor after a desired object. One evening I set you down to finish up dinner and you crept your way across the living room floor until you could see me. Then you proceeded to sing to me, beckon me, grin at me and woo me to your side. I figured the least I could do was meet you halfway.

I can no longer place you on a blanket on the grass and expect you to be content in the middle. Oh no, you will scoot and barrel roll your way across to the edge, where you can caress the green grass and feel it between your chubby little fingers.

You are using your voice more and more these days, uttering not only coos but repeating syllables like da, ya, and ga. You can cover entire octaves as you sing for your dinner or work to get your sister's attention. Sometimes all I have to do is look at you and you break out in full belly laughs.

Each month you and your sister grow more and more in love. Maddie loves to be around you and has taken to calling you "little marshmallow," much to our delight. You are soft and round and squishy and delicious, so the name fits. She loves to bring you toys, to talk to you in a sing-song voice, and to help you discover new things.

When I think back to that ultrasound appointment, where for a moment we grieved the "imperfect" findings of a routine test, my heart swells in my chest. God was so gracious to deliver us almost immediately from grief to trust, from despair to hope. In the weeks and months that followed, He revealed to us His plan to not only save and protect you, but to use you for His purposes and for His glory. As we fall more and more in love with the boy that you are we grow more and more excited for what He is going to do with your life.

We could not love you more, sweet Sam. You make my heart grow with joy and gratitude with each new morning that you greet me with a "hi" and a smile. Thanks for being such a great little guy and for completing our family in your own perfect way.




The Holbrook Family said...

can't believe he's 1/2 way to 1! just remember the older he gets, the better you'll know him and the more you'll love him!

bonnieb said...

He is a delight of delights!

mel said...

happy 6 months samuel! you are just precious! why are our babies growing up? whaaaa!