Thursday, December 02, 2010

tradition! tradition!

Growing up, my family operated a Christmas tree farm, where people came to buy and cut down their own Oregon trees. Noble, Douglas, and Grand firs. My first job was counting trees and working on the farm--showing people around, carrying trees, driving the tractor. So it would seem a little sad that we now have the tradition of driving five minutes down the freeway to Home Depot, where we purchase pre-cut (and get this), Oregon, trees. But it isn't really that sad, because Christmas is magic, whether on a farm or in a lot, when these cute children are involved.

What about this one, Dada?

Maddie enjoyed the twine:

Five minutes in, Sam was much more interested in the tools than the trees, exhibit A:

exhibit B: shovel love

Sweet girl:

Dada & the kiddos with our tree (and a broom):

And, finally, our decorated tree:

Our Joyce family tradition involves getting a tree Sunday afternoon, driving through In-and-Out on the way home, then decorating with ornaments while sipping hot cocoa.

It's not a Christmas tree farm, but it's still Christmas, and it's here!


mel @ the larson lingo said...

the tree looks great! We had 4 years of beautiful Home Depot trees!
You guys should come to Santa Cruz with us next year & cut down a tree with us! That would be SO fun!!! And, it is $40 for any tree, any size!

Becky said...

It's $40 for a 6-7 foot tree at Home Depot! I can't believe it's the same price! Amazing!

Becky said...

So fun to make new 'CA' traditions:) I totally miss the days of going to our friend's farm to get our $5 tree, though:(. PS Your kids are as cute as they've ever been and you're looking more beautiful than ever, Beck! loves!!

bonnieb said...

Sam's wearing a lei over his fleese vest and Maddie is in a sundress. It is truly Christmas! I love these little kiddos! Your tree is gorgeous but your babies are the best.