Sunday, November 28, 2010

reason #423 why small hometowns are awesome

Danville has a tree lighting every year on the Friday after Thanksgiving. We have been fortunate to make it most of the past years. This weekend we were able to attend with our out-of-town guests, Papa, Grammy & Uncle Joe!

After some shopping in downtown Danville, we headed to Sideboard for dinner. In the entire town, there is no place we like to eat more than Sideboard--for breakfast, lunch or dinner! The food is so good, not to mention amazing coffee, tea, and baked goods. Sam wanted to wear Papa's hat and was making us all laugh with his funny faces:

You know the expression, "smiling eyes?" That is my dad to a T. He has the smiliest eyes of anyone I know, twinkly, crinkly eyes that express just how joyful and loving a man he is.

My baby, looking more like a grown man, sipping his hot beverage:

Uncle Joe, Grammy, Papa & Sam wait for the lights:

The countdown (eyes closed for greater impact):


The lighting is actually pretty uneventful. At least we could hear what was happening this year, so we were able to participate in the countdown. Regardless, it's a fun event and magical for the kiddos.

After the lighting we headed back through town just in time to hop on the San Ramon Valley Train Museum holiday train ride. Papa happily joined the kids for the trip around the street:

"Woo woo!"

Happy times!

Hooray for small town traditions! What are your favorite things about your hometown?


mel @ the larson lingo said...

we were there also!I almost texted you to see if you guys were going! Wish we would have run into you, that would have been so fun! And, yes...small towns are the best! :)

bonnieb said...

Love the photo of Grammy, Papa, Joe and the kiddos! That's a keeper! Sam needs his own fedora, obviously.