Tuesday, November 02, 2010

happy day

1. Best $10 of the day:
a toy helicopter for Sam to play with during my haircut

It provided hours of entertainment today (for him, but also for me, seeing him enjoy it so much)

2. New Haircut:

Every few years I just decide to chop off my hair. I was going for this. I like it!
(But, oh, not liking how my left eye looks so much bigger than my right. Weird.)

Self-disclosure: yesterday I had a super clutzy day and bonked my head like 5 times (some self-inflicted, some toddler). I actually whacked my right eyebrow so hard on the side gate latch that it still smarts today. I'm ging to blame my injury for the mismatched eyes.

3. Fall colors, Summer temperatures:

4. This guy, running away, in socks, an alligator trailing behind:

5. Maddie, after being praised for being so sweet and loving today, throws one arm around my neck, another around her Dad's, and says "I just couldn't do it without you guys." Many laughs and kisses followed.

Such a fun day.


The Holbrook Family said...

super cute hair! and I'm jealous of your skinny face that can pull off short hair. enjoy it for all of us "fat faces" that have to have long hair to elongate our faces :)

Becky said...

adorable hair and as always, adorable Maddie. Super cute Beck!

bonnieb said...

Love the new do! I am dying at Maddie's comment but don't tell her because she will tell you, "She is not dying!" ROFL