Thursday, November 25, 2010

oh happy day

Scenes from the table:
Maddie's turkey centerpiece, pear place cards, filberts from Oregon, ribbon-wrapped napkins, raspberry lemon tart, Maddie's very own "M"

A walk before dinner:

The sweetest boy:

Pre-dinner entertainment:

And dinner!
smoked turkey, mashed potatoes, dressing, butternut squash puree, roasted root vegetables, brussels sprouts with pomegranate molasses, cranberries, rolls, bread

Christmas came early for two lucky grandkids:
a new balance bike for Sam

and a new cruiser for the long-legged girl

Post-dinner walk with photo ops:
Tutu & Boppa

Grammy & Papa

The best-loved kiddos around!

And, best of all:
Jungle Gym Joe!!

So very thankful for God's abundant blessings in our family: more than enough love, good health, parents who love us and love our kids, aunts and uncles who are crazy and fun (we missed you, sweet Aunt Jennie), food for our bellies, a roof over our heads, cozy beds to sleep in, warm bodies to snuggle, and best of all, a Father who loves and cares for us all.

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