Monday, December 13, 2010

ADVENTures: Glitter Christmas Stars, Movie in Bed plus bonus pics

Today's ADVENTure was crafting Glitter Christmas Stars. For all of our craft projects, I'm trying to save money by using supplies we already have on hand. You'll see a lot of this watercolor paper. :)

I cut out shapes and let the kids apply watercolor paints and sponge on glitter glue.

Both Maddie and Sam love to paint. They are very careful and methodical:

And then, at least once in every project, Sam decides to lick the paints:

Our finished treasures, glittery and aglow:

Last night's ADVENTure was a Christmas movie in Mama and Dada's bed. Hilarious how similar their tv-watching mannerisms are:

And, just in case you can't wait until tomorrow for Maddie's monthly update, here's an adorable shot:

Trees in our neighborhood decided to drop all their leaves at once. The kids had a great time making leaf angels, throwing leaves in the air, and crunching leaves underfoot.

Happy kiddos!

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bonnieb said...

You're right. I cannot ever wait to see photos of the kids!