Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Samuel: 21 Months

Dear Sam-Sam,

This month the "terrible twos" hit the Joyce household with full force. I have forgotten much of what I experienced thanks to a little brain mechanism called self-protection, but what I do remember will be outlined tonight in this very post. You have blossomed into a curious, sneaky, determined and persistent little boy!

But first things first. Food. You would eat only fruits, yogurt, milk, cheese and chocolate if you had your way. Vegetables get tolerated, bread and crackers, yeah, but if there is a ripe bowl of fruit nearby, you can do some serious damage. You've been signing "more" for months and months now, usually in conjunction with food. It was this past week at the neighborhood Christmas party we hosted that I heard you shout "MORE!" while furiously signing after sampling a square of fudge. You then proceeded to down four, five or six more cookies and pieces of candy before crashing hard from the sugar rush while our trustu babysitter had you for the evening (good timing, parents).

Your language has really sparked this month and you are using new words everyday. Not surprising, your language tutor (aka Big Sis) can get you to say just about anything when you're in the mood. It is hilarious to hear what things she comes up with and your attempts at those words.

You love your Mama. It is increasingly difficult to leave you these days, as you will cry and protest and jut that lower lip out just as far as it can go! But everyone assures me it lasts only minutes and before long you make yourself busy with some project. In the morning I love to pick you up out of your crib and be smothered in sweet baby hugs and kisses. You love to sit on my lap, lay your head on my shoulder, hold my hand and snuggle throughout the day. It is delicious.

And now, for the crazy:

In just about one week, you: bit the top off a black eraser, colored your nose with face paints, picked up poop from the backyard (with your bare hands) and threw it in the fountain, climbed on top of the tool bench and attempted to pull down the saw, hammered friends' heads, pulled your sister's hair, bit numerous family members, dismantled the lower third of our Christmas tree, climbed on every table we own, consumed large quantities of both cookie dough and finished treats, splashed in the toilet, made a mess with my mascara wand and wrote with pen on the doors of my car.

In truth, the sheer delight you took in all the above activities only makes me love you more. You approach life with joy, reckless abandon, curiosity, wonder and tenacity. You think about things deeply, plan your tricks wisely, and are craftier, quicker and more intelligent than we give you credit for. After this past month, I have to stop calling you a baby. You are definitely a full-fledged toddler boy.

Your inquisitive nature and lack of restraint makes for some great adventures. You adore being outside, riding your y bike, fixing things, hammering, admiring daddy's tools, finding creative ways to reach high objects, destroying perfectly beautiful things, and following your sister.

You are sweet and affectionate. You offer your big sister kisses, hugs, and pats many times a day without prompting. You wave goodbye to strangers getting in their cars. You smile at and flirt with ladies in the store. You crawl in our bed in the morning, all jammied up, and shower us with your sweet snuggly love.

You are a great boy. You are a delight to be around. We couldn't be crazier about you, or crazier just in general. But we wouldn't have it any other way. Thanks for being my big, sweet, naughty, delightful and amazing little guy.



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I had to do a double take of the profile picture....I thought it was a picture of Ben as a baby!