Monday, December 13, 2010

Maddie: 47 Months

Dear Madeleine Noelle,

By this time next month, I will be writing to a four year-old. A funny, inquisitive, charming, vivacious, kind, intelligent, creative and spunky FOUR. YEAR. OLD. Nope, not gonna do it!

You are a delight to me. You love to talk, sing, dance, create songs, craft and play. Your imagination runs wild with all sorts of scenarios for your dolls, stuffed animals, pet bugs, princesses and occasionally, your brother. You are like a director on a set, constantly moving, tweaking, arranging, barking out orders, and stepping back to admire your creations.

One of the great joys in this past month is seeing you ride your bike with ease and confidence. You are fast and capable, coordinated and strong. It is so fun to watch you glide down the street, your hair trailing behind you. One of your greatest moments was upgrading to a booster. You cried out, "Thank you Mama! Thank you Dada! I LOVE my booster!" as we drove downtown. Ah, the sweet joys of my almost four year-old girl.

This is a look you've perfected in the past few months. It is your "I don't buy that for a minute" look. Here Uncle Frank was telling you some story and by the look on your face, we can tell that you know he's feeding you a tall tale. You are skeptical (like your Dada), always wanting to know the truth. You don't enjoy being teased.

Your vocabulary continues to astound us (and even leaves us flabbergasted!) When describing a cranberry sauce, you called it, "acidic." When talking about jewelry, it is never just pretty, but "dazzling," "magnificent," or "super sparkly!" You not only understand complicated words but use them correctly all the time.

You are a sweet and affectionate big sister. You always have kisses and hugs for your brother, as well as love pats, snuggles, tackles, tickles and nose rubs. You are incredibly patient with him, even when he head butts, bites, hits and hammers on you (which have all happened this month). He, in turn, thinks the world of you. Today when you were upset and crying, he climbed up next to you, patted your back with his hand, kissed you, and then started bringing you all of his most beloved toys: the dump truck book, an excavator, tools. It so touched my heart because this is how you treat him when he is sad, and he has picked up such tender and sweet care from the times you have comforted him.

You are vivacious! You have seemingly endless energy and are game for any activity we throw your way. You don't often ask, "What are we doing today, Mama?" but when you do, I now know to have something ready to say. We have enjoyed our advent activities so much--the special time we get to spend on crafts, art, activities, and just together--that I've decided to put together a jar of fun things to do just so we can keep this up year round. Special time is definitely one of your love languages and it is fun to see you flourish in the moments we've shared.

This morning I had the pleasure of watching you perform in your preschool Christmas program. You were a star, a shining, smiling, radiating star! My heart filled with love as you followed directions, sang all the songs, filed in and out of the sanctuary, all with that trademark Maddie grin. What a joy you are! What a treasure to behold your sweet face singing songs to Jesus for his birthday. Thank you for being our sweet, tender, smart and loving girl. Love you so much!



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