Wednesday, April 23, 2008

new interests

The girl is obsessed with wearing our shoes right now. If she sees a pair of adult-sized loafers, slippers or flip-flops she is all about putting them on and walking around. Even to her extreme detriment, as grown-up flip-flops and itty bitty toes don't really work so well. And she gets frustrated with said shoes when they don't do as she wishes (aka stay on her feet for more than two steps). Oh, the screams.

Fine motor skills: the busy bee herself will sit still for ten or fifteen minutes at a time working on a new fine motor skill such as placing the cap back on a pen or buckling the straps on her carseat/booster seat/change pad.

Looking at an everyday word book and finding all the items we name: bird, dog, flowers, sun, bugs, cow, duck, girl, book, chicken, car; and pointing out words she knows: banana, apple ball, moon, baby, dog, meow (cat), hop (bunny). And on and on. The girl is amazing!

Determination is taking many forms these days. 

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