Tuesday, April 01, 2008

a few of my favorite things

Favorite things about Oregon:

1. Gah-gee and Pah-Pah (Grammy and Papa): going outside with Papa to see the cows or play in the snow, tickling Grammy's feet, showing the fans all her special tricks
2. "'Noh!" (snow): Every time someone put a coat on, Maddie would shout "Up! Up!" in order to go outside and play in the snow. Upon returning from said snow playtimes, she would always carry in one small snowball to bring some of the fun inside.
3. "Mmmm!" (moo, also cows): A trip outside was not complete without a suburban girl's shout-out to the local beasties. Papa would take Maddie along to feed the cows, and she showed no sign of fear when getting up close and personal with a herd of Herefords. That's our girl!
4. Lots of family for entertaining and being entertained: Grammy/Papa, Joe!, Uncle Ben, Aunt Michele, Grace, Lizzie, Elijah, Gramma Mimi, Papa Bob, Grammy Evie, Cousins Richard, Brenda and Craig, not to mention a menagerie of furry friends including Lucy, Emma, Penny, Jiminy Cricket the Shetland Pony, a herd of cattle, Sophie and Pico.
5. Treats: Brownies, cookies and graham crackers, Oh My! I believe my child ate four shortbread Girl Scout cookies in one afternoon. Let the record state that these were NOT given by the girl's mother but lovingly provided by an assortment of family members who believe one should not be deprived of the finer tastes in life. 

Favorite things about coming back home:

1. Wisteria hysteria: the backyard in in full bloom, wisteria and jasmine offering up fragrant blossoms perfect for plucking and tossing in the fountain!
2. Dog-dog!: Maddie is very much in love with her furry sister and made it quite clear just how much she missed her companion, climbing atop her back, leaning in for a hug, and making little whimpering noises to communicate just how lost she'd be without someone to torment. Hanalei took it all in stride, thankful to reclaim her place under the highchair, source of snacking satisfaction
3. Regular sleep habits: Someone was so excited to be in Oregon she would wake up earlier and earlier each day, with a record earlybird arising of 5:18am! (Luckily for Mama, and this should probably be posted above under favorites about Oregon: extra strong coffee! As well as the ability to finish one's java and breakfast without interruption thanks to the extra help.)

We are back, the sun is out, and these girls have got some playing to do! Thanks Grammy and Papa for a great trip. Can't wait to see you again real soon.

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bonnieb said...

So thrilled Grammy and Papa got to play with the magnificent Maddie and see her in all her delightful glory. Sounds like a wonderful trip. Hooray for cows and snow!