Tuesday, April 08, 2008

I left my heart (and camera upload cord) in Sandy

Hello faithful readers!

The posting has been sparse lately, and I have to apologize! I hate to put up a bunch of words with no cute pictures, as I know the Madeleine photo extravaganza is why most of you visit in the first place. You see, as per the title of this entry, I left my cord at my parents' and thus cannot upload any new photos! No Maddie snow pictures yet! No proof of the ongoing pigtail cuteness! No sneak peeks of my cute new haircut. Meanwhile, my memory card is jam-packed with 131 photos from the past few weeks. Do I have you in suspense? Can you hardly wait? Check back this weekend for all this, and more...

So, I leave you with a few oldie-but-goodie videos. Hooray! I've been trying for months to get these uploaded, and after saving our iPhoto library to the hard drive and deleting the files from our Mac (hello, can anyone say 6000+ pictures!), the movies uploaded without a hitch.

Without further ado, Maddie's very first sled train with Mama and Daddy, down the hill at Grammy and Papa's house at Christmastime.

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