Wednesday, April 16, 2008

a few funny things worth mentioning about parenting a toddler (WARNING!)

My dearest darling girl is a climber. Bonafide! She now can climb up on most any chair, couch, etc. in the home and is also climbing from chairs onto tables. Also standing on the seat and bars of her tricycle. Oh goodie. Last night I sat watching her climb up the trike and making eye contact she removed one hand from the handlebars, balancing two round little feet on the narrow bar running the length of the trike, as if to say "Look, Ma! One hand!" She's a daredevil!

When finished with her meal, instead of signing "all done" as she's been taught, Maddie instead starts waving her hands back and forth, at the speed of toddler, swiping all remaining food and drink to the floor around her. Awesome. Oh, and then she rubs her hands up her face, through her hair, and then grabs her toes, spreading the shmear that was dinner to all necessary ends of her body.

Tonight I had a rare lapse of judgment and forgot that my daughter is, in fact, out to improve her own standing and not in the way of sharing or considering others' needs. Yes, after a long day of "No!" and "Up!" and "MORE!" I helped myself to a handful of chocolate and peanut butter chips as a "reward" for making it to bathtime, and I gave a single morsel to my delight of a child. The teeny girl, clad only in a diaper, pink shirt, and leftover potato scraps throughout her hair, demanded "MORE!" and I opened my hand, only to realize a second too late that she would, of course, speedily grab every last morsel of chocolate and pb goodness and shove them quickly into her nestle-smeared face. Cute.

I leave you with these mental images. Pictures to come later. I'm off to finish my very own handful of morsels, well deserved.

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