Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Sam: 66 Months

Dear Sam,

You've tried lots of new things this month:
Kindergarten (you love it!)
speech at your new school (so far, so good)
first time playing soccer (you're indifferent)
baseball camp (you looked enormous among the 3-5 year old crowd)
aeronautics engineering camp (totally your jam!)

In the past thirty days, you've made me: 
laugh out loud
chuckle incredulously
full of pride and joy
wish I could bottle you up

At the ripe old age of five and a half, you love:
construction of any kind
Kindergarten and your K teacher! YAY!
building forts and secret hideouts
dressing up (spy, ninja, cowboy)
playing school (this is new)
helping out

A few words to describe your personality lately:

You are not a huge fan of:
soccer, unless there's some sort of bribe (gatorade) or incentive (a dime a kick)
Maddie (ongoing sibling struggles will be THE END OF ME)
being told no (OH, THE NEGOTIATIONS)
following orders from a coach ("He just bosses me around and tells me things to do the whole time!)

At school, you keep count of the friends you've made. We're up to 7.

At soccer, you make us proud and you crack us up. You are one of a kind.

At home, you can be so helpful and fun. You can also make a lot of messes.

Your teachers calls you sweet, kind, an eager learner, and someone who participates in class all the time by raising your hand and contributing to the discussion.

We are SO PROUD of you, buddy. You are handling all these transitions and changes with a wonderful attitude, a sweet spirit, and a real sense of humor. Thanks for always keeping our lives interesting, funny, and full of surprises!



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