Monday, September 15, 2014

Evan: 18 Months/ONE AND A HALF

Dear Evan,

One and a half! No longer a baby, but a full-blown toddler! 

You are so easygoing! It's simple to come up with a list of your loves:
breakfast (many days you eat at least three of them)
the big kids
being scared
playing with legos
hiding in my closet
snuggling when you first wake up
playing with things you shouldn't have (sharpies, knives, dog food, dishes, kids' stuff)

You are not so much about:
sitting in the stroller if there's not motion involved
staying in one place
having your diaper changed (see above)
being left behind or having doors shut in front of you

This month you:
split your lip
scraped the skin off your nose
pulled several chairs over on yourself
pulled the stroller over on yourself
climbed several ladders, slides, and play structures
found your way down ladders, slides and play structures

kissed Sam on the lips several times while he napped on the couch
tried to get a fly and a moth to come to you, involving a high-pitched, sweet "'ere" and an outstretched, beckoning hand

You fell asleep:
in our arms
in the car
in the stroller
strapped in your high chair
on the way to school
on the way back from school
in parking lots
in the ergo

Yet also managed to NOT sleep through the night nearly the whole month. 

At home you are great at playing solo. You love to tinker downstairs and look out the upstairs windows.
At church you love to play in the nursery, run around the downstairs, and act like you own the place.
At school you act like you belong there, climbing all over the K playground and keeping up with people twice your size.
At night, you love to wake up screaming. When that doesn't work, you call out, "MAMA!" And if that doesn't work, you sing "MaaaaaaaaMaaaaaaaaaaaa!" until I get you.

Thanks for filling our lives so full of laughter and joy. No thanks for sleepless nights, but hey, we'll eventually forget all about it thanks to the memory impairment from frequent wakings and lack of sleep.

Thanks for not playing with your poop when you removed your diaper one morning. I'm thankful the situation was "contained" by easily washable bedding and didn't find its way onto walls and furniture. 

Thanks for trying to pick up dog poop in the backyard with plastic bags. I'll go ahead and do that chore until you're more coordinated.

Thanks for the snuggles, the kisses, the pat-pats, and the big hugs. Every day is a gift with you, our little gift from heaven.



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jennie said...

I love these stories & I'm in love with each child. They are the lights of my life. I couldn't love anyone more thank I love these kiddos!