Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Mug Swappin', Mug, Mug Swappin'

It came, it went, it rocked! Cuppakim's Annual Mug Swap 2014 was so fun. This was my third year participating, and I had such a wonderful time! Here's a recap, instagram style:

Four weeks ago, on August 1st, signups were opened. Kim said she would accept the first 500, but ended up taking 1000 participants! Holy Mugs, Batman! I announced my intentions to join in the fun with a little clink of the morning cups with my boy, as well as a pic of last year's mug swap booty, and a photo of the recipients of the greatest blessing, donations toward their adoption. Win, win.

After two weeks of patiently waiting, I snapped this quick photo of my favorite mug and spoon from last year's mug swap. So glad I did, because a few days later, my mug met its demise at the hands of a "helpful" toddler who loves to empty the dishwasher. :(

Meanwhile, I had some shopping to do. I had been given the lovely Jenna to bless. I shopped at my most favorite mug store ever, Anthropologie. For being known and celebrated as a place to drop a wad of cash on totally crazy expensive furniture, they have really reasonable, really fun mugs. In my package I also sent a fun kitchen towel and sunny measuring spoons, also from Anthro. Scattered all around were fun little California treats, Jelly Bellies from the Jelly Belly Factory near my home. Cappuccino, Chocolate (pudding) and French Vanilla to make one's own Vanilla Mocha flavor explosion. :)

After three weeks, I received my lovely, sunny, happy, totally-me blessing: a "B" mug with turquoise handle, a cute little picture book full of encouragement, honey sticks, coffee, and a "Coffee & Jesus" spoon made by mamamango herself. Such a fun, happy package to receive on the first day of school.

It's been such a joy participating these past three years, and getting to know all kinds of new internet friends. Mark your calendars for next August 1 so you can hope to be in the lucky few that get to bless and be blessed. Thanks, Kim, for all your hard work! XOXO


{cuppakim} said...

mmm, perfect timing. and you're so right, that's my favorite part about anthro. it seems so outrageous - but their mugs are just right. :)
glad you got a replacement mug this year!

and megan sent you some great stuff! your mug package that was sent was PERFECT as well :)

Cassi Brightforest said...

I love the B mug, now I need to find one too.