Friday, December 14, 2012

Maddie: 71 Months

Dear Maddie,

A few days ago I sent out the invitations to your SIXTH (!!!) birthday. Um, how is that possible? When did you change from a soft and squishy little toddler into this lovely, whip-smart, long-legged word maven? This has been SUCH a fun month. I feel like I'm enjoying you more than ever, relishing in your sweet personality, laughing at your well-timed one-liners, and gazing in amazement at the growing girl before my eyes.

If the half-years are characterized by spinning off course, and the months nearest birthdays characterized by a centering, peace and settledness into one's own, the psychologists certainly have you pegged. It's as if the brightest parts of you are shining right now, like the truest Maddie was shadowed behind some of the fears, hesitations and struggles of earlier months. You are, quite simply, a joy and a delight to be around.

There is so much about you that retains that innocent, childlike faith and wonder at the world around you. For being inquisitive and questioning by nature, there are still many things that delight and inspire you, such as a tidepool full of sea glass, shells, and other small treasures. For as deep and wide as our bucket could hold, you collected things from the beach water, holding up each little gem as if it were made of precious material. I had to personally inspect each piece as you placed in gently into the bucket with the others.

If I had a dollar for every funny joke you told this month, I'd have quite a budget to work with. You are constantly saying the wittiest, most hilarious comments. As always, you're not content to hang out and converse with the kids but prefer to be right in the middle of adult conversations. Your vocabulary continues to impress us and your joy in exploring the English language brings us delight (what, with an English major for a dad and English minor for a mom).

This morning I hoped to snap some photos of you in your hat and scarf before school, because you were just so darn cute. However, against my advice, you left your cozy coat at home on a morning where the first frost covered everything around us. You were freezing and as I snapped pictures your face was cracking me up. You were not as amused, unfortunately.

Thanks for being so patient and loving with your little brother, for being so affectionate and understanding with us, and for constantly reminding us to stop and take time to talk, connect, and just be together. You are such a good fit for our family, and we're so blessed to have you.



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