Wednesday, December 19, 2012

baby boy: 6 months pregnant

Dear Baby Boy,

You are yet unnamed, by far the longest we've ever gone without a chosen name! We can't rush these things, as we have not quite figured it out, but there is one name I've offered that your Daddy actually might just be the one.

It feels so good to be six months pregnant, two-thirds of the way there, nearly in my third trimester. Just as I finally started feeling better colitis-wise, the pregnancy symptoms are making themselves apparent. I'm tired, oh so tired. And achy. Already my pelvic and hip bones ache in the night, stiff and sore. 

You have settled into some pretty regular sleep and awake times. The hard jabs are turning slowly into more controlled, smooth movements (and my body thanks you!) Your feet still find their way to the mattress as I lay on my side at night, tap dancing away, working on those walking reflexes though you weigh less than two pounds.

I finally had some dreams about you this month. In my dreams, you were fair-skinned and light-eyed with soft, light curls around your face. I hardly could believe you were mine, considering the two olive-toned kids I've got already. But there you were, looking up at me and giving me that feeling of great, great love deep in my heart.

Baby boy, you are going to be so loved. You are blessed with the very, very best big brother and big sister ever. They can't wait to meet you! If they don't smother you with kisses and hugs, and you survive their affections, you'll be well, well-loved. :)

See you in less than three months, beloved!!



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