Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Trip to Oregon: September 2011

The fam and I just got back from a whirlwind weekend in Oregon. My sweet grandpa died last week and we spent a few days with my family, loving on each other. It was nice to be home, even if it meant grieving our Painter family patriarch, because we were together.

Sunrise on the first morning. The sun coming up behind Mt. Hood is absolutely breathtaking. I could post a hundred more photos of this very scene.

We spent a lot of time outside; the weather couldn't have been more beautiful. Oregon is getting the tail end of an Indian Summer and the poor schoolteachers (Ack! Mom!) are sweating it out in their classrooms. Maddie loves to climb trees now and so would scamper up the little apple trees and shake the limbs to get us a treat.


Maddie also LOVES the swing that Papa and Joe built out front. This would be her third Summer in a row enjoying the long, sweeping, rhododendron-grazing swing. And how can you not just love this contented face?

Also outside at my parents' house: blueberry bushes. Lots of them. I ate SO many fresh blueberries, plucked right from the bush. I bought a carton at TJs this week. What was I thinking? They don't even come close to the tart-sweet goodness of these lovelies:

Early on our first morning the kids, Papa and I went out to meet Great Grammy Mimi on her walk. Sam was SO excited to pick her some flowers:

Friday was my Grandpa Bob's memorial service. Here is photographic evidence of why two year-olds should not be allowed in such services:

Many thanks to my sweet hubby for managing the robot/cowboy shenanigans outside of the sanctuary.

At Grandpa's house, the extended family hung out for most of the day, remembering, loving on each other, getting into a wee bit of trouble, and just having fun.

Climbing trees in the front yard:

Finding old glasses and broom-brooms (tractors) and beep-beeps (golf carts) in the garage (blurry but too good not to include):

Catching up on some guy time with Uncle Joe:

My sweet cousin Rhonda organized a donut toast in honor of our dearly departed Grandpa. So fun. Grandpa used to take all of us cousins (7 of us) to get donuts, among other goodies.

Favorite memories at the G&G Painters house included: oreo cookies, hand-churned ice cream, golf, golf cart rides, trips to the pro shop for penny gumballs, playing in the back room, climbing trees, and running around on the golf course. At the end of this month, some renters are moving in, so we were also saying goodbye to the house, in a way.

Post-donut, no-nap, end-of-the-day (but still kissable) face:

There were many, many rides on the golf cart. It started nice and innocent with Uncle Mike driving around. Then the cousins started trying it out. Timid at first, not so much at the end. Glad we ended it when we did. No injuries. :)

Sam with his cousin D.J. and Great Uncle Mike:

Back at Grammy and Papa's, we got another afternoon of playtime with the cousins, which made my Maddie girl very, very, VERY happy. She loves those guys.

Slip and slide fun:

This was a GREAT story:

On their way to pick some blackberries and play in the creek:

After the trek (Maddie wanted no part of the group photo):

Covered in dirt, cowpie, blueberry juice, dinner, dessert, creek water, blackberry stains, thorn pokes, blood, sweat and grime (but still extremely kissable):

And, sunrise on the last day:

Don't you wish this was what you woke up to every morning? Seriously beautiful.

Love you, Painter family. Miss you already!! Thanks for the memories.

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