Monday, September 12, 2011

School: Week Two!

A few things I've already learned from my kids this week:

1. Daddy has a cross in his office that Maddie and Sam "decided" was "perfect for a mouse to die on." (It took us a minute to catch on, but once we realized she was referring to the size of the cross, we had ourselves a really, really, REALLY big laugh.)

2. There is a boy in Maddie's class that is "really handsome." So handsome, in fact, that she "clasped her hands together against [her] cheek and batted [her] eyelashes up and down. He is going to be [her] boyfriend."

I have no idea how to handle this one. Don't know where she got the concept of boyfriend, or where she heard anything about hand-clasping or eyelash-batting! Advice? Please!

3. Sam made his first school project today, a stoplight. When I asked him what the red color meant, he yelled, "STOP!" and put up his palm in the universal sign for stop. When I asked about green, he smiled and yelled "Gooooooo!!!" Then I cried happy, sappy tears.

I SO took for granted how smart, capable and verbal my first child was. Going though all of this with Sam is, simply, heartwarming. I celebrate each new little word and concept with such unbelievable joy and emotion. When he repeated it for Daddy in his office later, I cried again. Then on the way home we passed through an intersection, he noticed the green light, and yelled, "Goooo!!!" Once again, teared up. Seriously, Becky?!

There you have it! All you ever needed to know about life, apparently you learn the second week of preschool.

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