Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Samuel: 2 1/2 and first day of school!

Today was one of those days I'll never forget. You turned 2 and a half and you started preschool. Quite an amazing day for an equally amazing boy. I wish I could just squeeze and squeeze you and keep you this cute forever.

Of course, the past month has been full of wonderful times. You are funny and silly, focused and intentional. You love to make us laugh but you also love to sit down, work at something, and stick with it until you've figured it out. You are so easygoing, it almost makes me feel guilty. You play well with others and also are great at entertaining yourself for long periods of time. You love to do puzzles, climb, make things into guns (ba-doo ba-doos), and follow your sister.

This week you got to dress up like a cowboy for our friend's birthday party. You relished every minute of your wrangler-wearing, boot-stomping, hat-tipping, lady-killing day. You were altogether delectable. I might have nibbled on you a few times that afternoon (hence the tastes of baked beans, hot dog, lollipop, orange soda, candy, watermelon and chewing gum). When the pony you were riding got a little frisky (okay, a LOT frisky), you grabbed that saddle horn and held on like a pro rider. My heart nearly beat out of my chest and I practically leapt off the curb to your rescue, but you didn't need rescuing. No sir, you done went and made yerself a darn-tootin' real-life cowboy. When my heart finally stopped pounding and you smiled that knowing grin, I felt the biggest surge of pride and delight in my big, independent, determined boy.

You turn every day into a wonderland of new experiences. You have an insatiable desire to explore, create and investigate. You and your sister are quite a pair with all the adventures you make up. So often I love to just sit back and watch as your imaginations take flight, admiring the way you love and care for each other, laughing to myself at the language you share, and shaking my head in disbelief at some of the things you come up with. It's so delightful.

You turn every stick, block, rock, cord, accessory, banana, celery stick, paper towel roll and who-knows-what-else into a gun. You run around shooting things all day. We own not a single gun but your arsenal is bigger than most sportsmen, what with your imagination. You are all boy.

This morning as we dressed for school, you were giddy with joy. Maddie kept telling you all the fun that awaited in the purple room and you nodded, said "uh-huh," and followed along with anticipation. You two were exceptionally amiable for picture time. Thank you.

At school, you and Maddie ran around, burning off excited energy while we waited for the doors to open. In line, the two of you held hands, eyes forward, as you crept forward toward the teacher.

Mrs. Sims was overjoyed when you ran straight in and backed up for your signature Sam hug. She laughed and told you how she's known you since you were a tiny baby, two years ago. You said, "uh-huh," and watched as she pointed out the fire truck on your name tag. Maddie tied your nametag to your backpack while you ran about the room, unsure of where to start: blocks, fire trucks, puzzles, playdough, paint? You mean, I get to do all of this today?!

You were so excited and not the least bit hesitant. You plopped right down, gave kisses to your family, and got about your preschool business. I didn't even have time to get emotional. It was such an easy, smooth, and joyful transition.

Little buddy, it's hard to believe that you've started school. Heck, it's hard to believe that the little chubby-cheeked fuzz-head who once dropped his big sister to the purple room is now in that room himself. Time sure flies.

I'm just crazy about you, sweet boy. In fact, everyone is. You are just a joy, a sweetie pie, easy and fun, loving and playful. And you're my little boy.



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