Tuesday, May 26, 2009

leavin' on a jet plane...

In 2000, Ben and I honeymooned on the island of Kauai. We fell in love with the quiet, pastoral feel of the small island. You could enjoy all the beauty of Hawaii with none of the crowds of Waikiki. 

Three summers ago, shortly after finding out we were pregnant, Ben and I embarked on a vacation to Oahu. We joked that we were starting our child's life off right by taking him/her in utero on their first island adventure. 

The following year, we made it back to Kauai, this time with a six month-old Maddie. She amazed us by falling right into a different schedule and time zone, her joy of the ocean (and delight in fistfuls of sand), her love of tropical fruit flavors (although pineapple caused a serious diaper rash) and her ability to chill.

lawn chair, Poipu beach

Fast forward two years, to Summer 2009, and we get to go back, this time to Kauai as a family of four. Honestly, I am most excited about all the time Maddie and Sam get to spend with their awesome Dada. Maddie has spent most of the past weekend in her Dada's arms, grateful to have him around all day. In the next week she will discover that in Hawaii, her Daddy comes alive. He is relaxed, happy, peaceful, fun, and full of energy. None of the stresses of work can penetrate the joy that is the Hawaiian islands, and Ben fills his time boogie boarding, surfing, swimming, snorkeling, reading, chilling, and seeking out the very best plate lunches and shave ice. This year he gets to share it all with his best little buddy!

a happy pair, Poipu beach

Another first this year will be vacationing with our best friends--Gregg, Kelly, Tyler and Nicole. Every day Maddie will wake up to a beautiful Kauai sunrise followed by hours of play with her buddies: building sand castles, splashing in the waves, running in the grass, playing in the shade of palm trees, donning her hula skirt. When she woke up this morning and asked with her usual joy and anticipation, "What are we doing today?!" it was so fun to announce, "We're going to Hawaii!" Tutu, Boppa, and Auntie Jennie will be picking us up at the airport and the party will begin!

sunny day smiles, Poipu beach

And our little Samuel, who is as Hawaiian in his blood as a mellow boy can be, will have his first trip to the islands at only 11 weeks old. He will be spending many hours in the blue pop-up tent, on a quilt, chilling in the balmy breezes. No fistfuls of sand, no sand in the diaper, just all the joys of Hawaii without the mess. Hooray for immobility!

And so, we're off this afternoon. Maddie is fighting a bad bug, having spent most of yesterday either sleeping or fighting off a fever of 103. Today she is much more herself, though still very congested, snuggly and a little warm. We're praying the bug is on its way out, and that the increased mellowness will be a plus on the late-night flights. Aloha and see you in ten days!

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mel said...

have a wonderful time!!!! praying maddie's fever goes away quickly!
why is it that kids always get sick right before vacations?!?!
can't wait to see pictures and hear all about your vacation! aloha!