Friday, June 05, 2009

aloha and mahalo, Kauai!

We just returned this morning from the sunny beaches of Kauai. It was hard to leave the garden isle but here we are, back at home in California. There are too many highlights to list now, as I am tired--deliriously tired--and am off to bed soon. For now, enjoy these pictures from our trip!

The four of us on our last night

We could walk to the beach in our jammies. Yum.

Our little bathing beauty
(Despite wearing 70 SPF every day, still ended up darker than most of us!)

the handsomest little guy ever

Mama & Maddie watching hula
(humidity makes our hair even curlier!)

smooching my boy on the lanai
we did a lot of chilling on the beach

playing in the sand

Daddy snuggles

Some highlights: chichis and pupus on the beach, grilling fresh fish, snorkeling, boogie boarding, splashing in the waves with the kiddos, movie nights for the kiddos and date nights for the parents, breakfast at the Grand Hyatt, hula shows, hiking up Kalalau trail for some pretty views, getting yelled at for going outside the reef in large-wave conditions (ask me to tell you the story sometime), playing in the sand, Waimea Canyon, Wailua Falls, plate lunches--pork laulau and ahi with wasabi cream, fish tacos, cocktail hour(s), lunch date with Kelly, guys' mornings out on the waves, sipping Kauai and Kona coffee, sleeping in (Maddie and Sam made it past 7 a few mornings!), and chilling, chilling, chilling.

Can't wait to go back!

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mel said...

welcome back! sounds like you had a wonderful vacation! yay! love the pictures & can't wait to hear more about your time in Kauai!