Monday, June 08, 2009

3 Months: Samuel

Dear Sam,

My sweet little cuddle bug, you are just so much fun these days. Your personality is coming more and more alive as you leave behind the newborn days and morph into a full-blown baby. You are alert and interested in the world around you. You love to move! You are constantly going, moving your hands, scooting on your back, or flailing all four limbs in little movements when you get excited.

You love your big sister. Aside from Mama, she is pretty much the best thing you've got these days. It takes a simple look or comment from your sister and you are all smiles. You love to make eye contact with Maddie, "talk" to her, and follow her around the room with those wide eyes.

You continue to be a bruiser, weighing in at over 15 1/2 pounds. It helps that you love to eat! Your little body has totally filled out and all of those round little bits are perfect for smooching. You have discovered your hands and it is delightful to watch you follow your fists around, clasp your hands together, and bat at things. 

Your smile is infectious. Your sister, as a baby, would smile with her eyes in the shape of two little moons. But when you smile, your whole face lights up and your cheeks spread out into two round, impossibly sweet and kissable spots on the side of a wide, warm grin. It is when you smile so big that I think you look most like your dad. You are constantly catching my eye throughout the day and that shooting me that delicious smile. I love it!

This week we returned from your first Hawaiian vacation. You were a star, of course! Everyone was amazed at how mellow and sweet you are, ALL THE TIME. You rarely cry except when hungry or tired and even then your cries are more like little protestations. You go with the flow and are just as happy chilling in your carseat as you are passed out on a blanket on the grass. It it so easy to take you places, and when you are asleep we almost forget that you are there! (This is very handy on dates!)

This month marks a new chapter for you and your dad, as you just light up when he comes into view. He came home from work one day, leaned over your play mat, and your whole body started wiggling and you gave him the biggest smile and coo as if to say, "Welcome home, Daddy. I'm so pleased to see you!" It is fun to see you interacting with your little family, smiling and cooing and making yourself more lovable each day.

Hawaii threw our schedule off a bit, but for the most part you are getting up just once a night, sleeping two 6-8 hour stretches on either side. So often I just fall asleep in bed as you nurse that I lose track of what time it is and when I wake you are snuggled up against me, quiet and content. I love to snuggle with your head pressed under my chin, cheeks against my chest, and you never seem to complain about the cuddle time I so crave.

We can't wait to see the little boy and man you will become. You already have won our hearts with your easygoing personality, sweet face, happy disposition and adorable smile. We are crazy about you, little man!



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