Monday, March 30, 2009

S is for...

Super Samuel!
3 weeks old

Sleep: You've been doing a good job most nights, sleeping anywhere from 3-5 hour stretches, but last night we were up every hour on the hour from midnight until 6 this morning. Sometimes you have a hard time settling and your grunts and gurgles keep us both up. You are more and more awake during the day, looking at me with those wide eyes.

Sweetness: You are pure sugar, delicious and delightful and the more of you I get, the more I want. You taste good, smell good and are quite nibble-able. 

Sister: You are obsessed with your big sister. When she is in the room (almost always) you follow the sound of her voice to see just what she's up to. And Maddie loves you; she is always showing you things, talking to you, and giving you big kisses (sometimes it gets a little Days of our Lives, but it is only because she is crazy about you).

Socks: What is it about newborns spreading their toes wide as can be when trying to put socks on? I had completely forgotten the sock phenomenon, but your sister did the same thing and it is darling.

Slurp, slurp: You are an awesome nurser. From the start you knew exactly what to do, and it has made my life so easy! At first I was quite sore from your tenacity but we've come to enjoy a much gentler pace.

Smitten: When your long fingers wrap around my hand or hair or shirt it just melts my heart. You have smiled at me three times since you were born, and each time you were awake so I know it wasn't just dreaming. I wasn't quite sure how the two-child thing was going to work out, but I can say without reservation that it is possible to think both of your children are the most amazing thing ever!


bonnieb said...

This is lovely and loving. You are a GREAT mama!

mel said...

he is just precious and is such a mellow baby! It was so fun hanging out this week & having the girls play. i hope your 1st week on your own has gone by smoothly!

i was trying to think of a comment where all of the words started with a "S" but I haven't had enough coffee yet :)