Tuesday, March 03, 2009


My Precious Father God,

Words cannot express the condition of my heart tonight: the fullness, the contentment, the peace, as I laid in bed with my daughter to put her to sleep, and she turned to me to say, "I love you so much," wispy curls draping her sleepy eyes. Moments later, as I pressed my palm to her cheek, praying your protection over her, she remarked, "Mama, my best friend."

How gracious and loving a Father to give me a child with such an enormous, loving, tender heart. I praise You for her sweet and genuine spirit that so clearly overflows with the love of her Creator. I was again reminded of the sweet vision You gave me Sunday morning of Your son, Jesus, holding my two children in His arms as a Shepherd would cradle two little lambs...a generous reminder of the fact that You love and care for and protect my children with a ferocious, tender, all-consuming, mother love.

I have nothing to fear; You hold my children's future securely in Your almighty arms. And You also hold me, gently, as You would a little lamb, so close to Your heart. Your goodness overflows in abundant streams in my life. My children are forever safe under Your watchful care and mighty hand. I have all I need when I depend on You and You alone for my strength, my sustenance, my direction.

Forgive me for failing to be all I should; thank you for being more to my children than I ever can be. Give me new mercies every morning, tender blessings each night, a heart focused on praying for and with and over my children in every moment possible. Surround them with Your angels. Give them hearts that desire nothing more than Your living water and Your kingdom. Amaze me with Your plans for their lives.

I praise you, Most Gracious God, for who You are, for who I am in You, for who You are creating my children to be. You are so, so, so good. 

(as Maddie would say)


mel said...

i am crying. that was beautiful!

bonnieb said...

Your prayer is God's will. I love you, bonnie