Tuesday, March 17, 2009

26 Months

Dear Big Sister Maddie,

Let me start by saying you are amazing. You have weathered yet another month of significant change and upheaval with your characteristic charm and good nature. We brought another person into the house, for goodness' sake, and yet you are just as sweet, gentle and affectionate as always, not to mention funny.

There is practically nothing you like more than making us laugh. If you say something funny unintentionally, you will repeat it later with a gleam in your eye and followed by a pause, as if waiting for the "buh-dum-dum" and laughter track.  One morning you had your dad in absolute stitches as you passed gas on demand. For the record, you are a perfect fit for this family.

You play games all day, imaginative and creative scenarios all of your own making: rescuing people in need, taking care of your "giant," engaging any willing participant in a round of "1, 2...clap clap clap! (or ...pat your knee, kiss the mama, jump up and down, etc.) We love to listen in on your play conversations in which you speak for both yourself and Samuel, one in need of help, one doing the helping. 

You are still exceedingly affectionate, offering kisses and hugs to any and all visitors, with a little extra for your special loved ones. One of your favorite morning routines is to look for Samuel and shower him with good morning kisses. When putting you to bed at night, you will repeat "I love you so much" as you give countless kisses and "BIG hugs" to your lucky parents. You've learned to do gentle pat-pats on Samuel's body (not his face) and you love to rock him in the cradle and sing to him gentle songs.

The new toys you've received this month as distraction from "the big event" have provided hours of fun. You ran right up to your dollhouse (a super hand-me-down from our neighbor) and rang the doorbell. How you knew it would be a functioning doorbell is beyond me. You've also spent a good deal of time "camping" in your princess tent (another hand-me-down). We are amazed by your imagination and the amount of time you spend entertaining yourself. In many ways you seem so much older than two.

We keep joking that Samuel better be a conversationalist (or at least an opportunist) in order to hold his own in this house. Your verbal skills have come in handy this month as you are able to express yourself quite clearly rather than resorting to screaming or getting frustrated, such as when you asked me to "Put Samuel over there and read this book with me." On the other hand, you will sing long, complicated songs to Samuel that you make up as you go along, sometimes sweet and always funny. The influx of visitors keeps you on your toes, entertaining the throngs with music and dance.

Your sweetness amazes us each day. Your sunny disposition and appetite for adventure make each day fresh and exciting. We are so lucky to be your parents and Samuel is so lucky to have you as a big sister. Thanks for being you!



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