Thursday, August 07, 2014

Sam: 65 Months

Oh, Sammy Sam!

These days, you are:
mischievous & sneaky
scary smart

"Mom, take a picture of me pretending to fall off the dock!"

You are Mr. Negotiator. I had forgotten this "lovely" stage until I found myself smack dab in a drop-down, drag-out, political lobbyist-worthy, FBI hostage professional NEGOTIATION. About something ridiculous, like cookies for breakfast. Right before Maddie started Kindergarten I couldn't wait for her to be in school, arguing about nothing with someone else. And, as luck would have it, here we are again, this time with you.

It's shameful to admit, but Daddy and I are jealous of your body. You are a tall, lean, muscle machine with the abs of a fitness model. 

And, at times, you are the sweetest bunch of honey numpkins that your Mama ever did see. Thanks for being my snuggle bug, sugar buns, hand holder, lip kisser, favorite five year-old boy.

You love to:
create & copy intricate drawings
make things out of junk
collect "treasure"
take risks
make your sister crazy
go on dates

You aren't such a fan of:
being told "no"
not getting dessert
Maddie singing or making noises of any kind in the car next to you

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