Friday, August 15, 2014

Evan: 17 Months

Evan, my lovey little monkey bug!

This month, you are in love with:

eating (sometimes 3 breakfasts by the time I've sat down to mine)
"jumping" off the hearth
climbing high
getting your way
playing along with the big kids (little munchkin)
exploring the world
 and barely pausing to rest

On our trip to Lake Almanor, you were a fan of:

eating snacks (and throwing them)
sitting by the stream (usually on Mama's lap)

going up and down three flights of stairs
waking up multiple times a night (still happening. ugh.)
throwing things in the water

You are not such a fan of:
being left behind or put down when you're not completely ready
getting your hands dirty (Maddie thought of that one, and it's true)
having your face wiped

Our favorite things about you right now:
your babbling and conversation-making
you crack yourself up
how you give kisses
your animal sounds "woo woo!" (dog) "Oooooo" (cow) "owwww" (kitty)
how good you are at throwing

Every day you make us laugh, and you make us tired. Thanks for bringing so much joy to our lives, Evan Michael! XOXO

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