Thursday, August 14, 2014

Maddie: 70 Months

Oh, Maddie girl!
Leading a Hula Show at our Neighborhood Luau
 These days, you are:
Daddy's girl, utterly and completely
Best Big Sister. Ever.

You love to:
play with Evan
tease Sam
please your Daddy
make your Daddy laugh
sing and make up songs

be still, my ever-lovin' heart

Not loving so much:
practicing your violin
Sam leaning on you or touching you in the car

You can't wait for school to start. You had a dream that you were in Mrs. Maghami's class and it made you so, so happy. You ask every few days "How much longer?" I love this about you.

We've really seen growth in you in the area of apologizing. In just a few months, you've become so quick to apologize, to seek reconciliation, and to admit when you are wrong. This is HUGE. For years, if you messed up, you would run away and hide. You are learning grace and it is impacting your relationships in such an amazing way. Man, am I ever thankful.

It's a joy and privilege to be your Mama. You fill my days with joy and make my job so much easier with how helpful you are, especially with the baby. Thank you.

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