Thursday, August 04, 2011

a short life, but well-lived

It's been a month, but I'm still grieving. My beloved camera, which went practically everywhere with me, just up and died. We were in the middle of a shoot, snapping away while Sam and Maddie played on the tractors at Papa's work. So, so sad.

She was a good camera: solid, dependable, versatile. She came into our lives shortly after the arrival of our sweet little guy and has captured many, many of life's moments since then. There were first days of school and family vacations, Sam's first taste of solid food and first ice cream cone. She survived many bumps and bruises and kept right on snapping.

The first picture she ever took:

And one of the last:

Rest in peace, Canon Rebel XS.

Because you're irreplaceable, we've decided to go with another model altogether. Here's hoping she's as dependable and sturdy (and lasts a bit longer).

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