Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Wildlife; Wild Children

The whole no-plans, no-camp, no-schedule thing last week made for lots of impromptu plans. Just like we up and headed to Berkeley one day last week, on Friday we jumped in the car and headed to Lindsay Wildlife Museum in Walnut Creek. We had never been before, and the kids loved it. I think it's great that they feature all local wildlife. The great horned owl and bald eagle were awesome. The stuffed bears, impressive:

Big bears, little bear

But honestly, the feature my kids loved the most? This microscope:

Sam stood there, looking at the slides, for minutes. Minutes!

I thought it was kind of a fluke until Maddie became totally enthralled, too. Budding scientists?

On the way out I pulled a total Dad maneuver, pretending my hand was being swallowed up by the rattler donation device. Maddie was quite brave about the whole business.

After we grabbed our lunch and headed over to Larkey Park. The kiddos ran around for a while, enjoying the new environment and completely wearing themselves (and Mama) out.

Sam thoroughly enjoyed the choo-choo and climbing every tall ladder he could find:

Seriously, the kid has no fear. And he's so fast I don't get pictures of half the tall things he scales!

Miss Maddie impressed me by following the "big boys" and crawling across the top of the monkey bars!

A great morning outing if you find yourself at a loss for plans!

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mel @ the larson lingo said...

Great idea! I have never been to the lindsay wildlife museum! I totally forgot about it! Thanks for the reminder that I should take the girls! Glad you guys had fun!