Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Samuel: 16 Months

Hey Bubs,

So we find ourselves at another milestone, 16 months. Every day you are becoming more and more of a little boy and less and less my baby. You are unbelievably sweet and easygoing yet possess laser-like focus when it comes to certain tasks. You are affectionate and loving but also have a tricky, playful side that starts with a cocked head and knowing smile. You light up any room when you enter, all smiles and busyness and boy.

You have a few great loves these days: tractors, motorcycles, fire trucks and trains. On multiple occasions we have gone out of our way to check out a parked motorcycle. Many times while we vacationed in Oregon you would disappear, only to show up "riding" on the tractor, providing your own soundtrack. At bedtime you will toss books aside until I settle on one of your favorites: "Big Machines" or "Trucks." Your ears perk up and your head turns at the sound of a loud engine or siren roaring by.

You love to be silly. Grammy bought your sister a "nifty disguise" and we spent hours (hours!) watching you laugh hysterically as we donned the glasses with bushy eyebrows, bulbous nose, and tickly mustache. They even came in handy on our roadtrip home. Best couple dollars ever, so big thanks to Grammy for our entertainment.

In many other ways you are all boy, especially your love for sticks and rocks. No trip to the park, river, farm or even parking lot would be complete without seeing you toddle around, squat down, pick one or two objects, stand up and carry them with you until you happen upon something more desirable. Repeat, repeat, repeat. This is where the focus comes in, as you seek out those perfect items to carry with you on your trek.

You still don't say a lot, but you are hardly silent. You make all kinds of sounds (especially those of the vehicular variety), imitate animals, and walk around "singing" to yourself. You can cover a wide range of octaves and seem to do so when least appropriate, such as in a quiet store, restaurant, small enclosed space or in the presence of skittish animals.

One of my favorite parts about the past month has been watching your Daddy just fall in love with you all over again. Each day is so much fun, full of discovery and excitement, and it is hard to know just who is the most delighted as you share in those Father-Son moments.

You make us all laugh with those silly antics and naughty grin, you touch our hearts time and again with your spontaneous open-mouthed kisses and hugs, and continually surprise us with just how much you understand what is going on (Nice try, hiding behind the pointing and grunting. We know you know what is going down, little fella. We're onto you.) To quote one of my favorite (but your oft-tossed) books: "You're a great little guy." Thanks for making our lives so rich, so full, so fun.

Love you, sweet boy.


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