Friday, July 09, 2010

Happy Birthday to Meeeeee!!!

Today's post is in honor of my mother, who 32 years ago groaned with the pains of childbirth, a large, round, red-faced baby stuck in the birth canal, unknowing at the time that a nurse was pushing down so hard on her contracting uterus, right on that baby's bottom, the nurse's feet lifted off the floor! My eventual appearance and subsequent visit to the weighing table confirmed the reasons for such a difficult delivery: 9 pounds, 8 ounces.

Hooray mom! Thanks for sticking with it!

July 1978
Home from the hospital with Mom and my older brother Ben
(both Maddie and Sam took after me with their full heads of thick, black hair at birth)

Christmas 1978
About 5 months old
(a little fact: had I been a boy, my name would have been Simon or Samuel!)

Spring/early Summer 1979
At the Oregon coast with my beautiful mom

Summer 1979
Haulin' around the back patio in Gresham, my home until age 3, once again with my big bro

July 1979
My first birthday

Christmastime, 1980, 17 months

Winter 1981,
(I think. These last two I'm not sure of the timing.)

Easter 1982
Me, Chaka the wonder dog, brother Ben, Mom


mel @ the larson lingo said...

Happy Birthday!
And, WOW....Maddie looks SO Much like you when you were a little girl! I can't get over it! I always thought your kids looked like Ben, but after seeing these pictures, she is like a Mini-Becky!

Susan said...

I love you, Beck! Happy Birthday - are you not the cutest little girl ever. Thanks for sharing these wonderful pictures! I see so much of Sam in you. I love you and I thank God and your parents for you! Love, Suz