Sunday, July 11, 2010

11 on 11*

contentment: watching morning cartoons

bark outside on my morning newspaper retrieval

morning craft project: invites to a special playdate

Sam got in on the craft action

someone's not super excited about accompanying Mama on her long run

just chillin' at the park

um, yeah, she's looking way too big in this photo

Lunch, courtesy of Boppa: Domenico's chicken salad

iced coffee and errands without kids
(first time all week I've been out, no thanks to the stomach flu infecting half the family)

visiting the neighbors and coming home with lavender bears


*yep, kind of missed 10 on 10 yesterday, but since 11 is my favorite number, I decided I could just do it today!

1 comment:

mel @ the larson lingo said...

yay for 11 on 11 :)
Maddie's face is hysterical in the stroller. Dominico's chicken salad is one of my favorites! Glad you got some solo time today after the week you had!