Monday, May 10, 2010

A trip to the zoo

A couple of Fridays ago we headed to the zoo. We got a great deal on a membership this year ($45 off, only $40 for the entire year, and we would run $36 for just one visit. Yeah for bargain shopping!) It was a great morning and we saw lots of busy animals. But the busiest ones in the park were, yet again, my two little creatures, Maddie and Sam. They keep us on our toes!

Miss Sun Bear
A recent transplant from the sunny shores of San Diego, Miss Sun Bear loves sitting atop her straw-laden platform, preening her delicate sun-kissed fur, chatting it up with the other females about the only male ("You've seen one, you've seen them all, am I right, ladies, or am I right? Male Sun Bears! Sheesh!"), eating the zookeepers Special O' The Day, and keeping her nails neatly manicured. Welcome to Oakland, Miss Sun Bear!

the three loves of my life, also the biggest monkeys I know

leaping Maddie!

I call this the "Well i'n't that speyshal?" face
(SNL anyone?)

listening intently to the zookeeper talk about elephant poo
("Mama! That's a big pile of poo right there!)

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bonnieb said...

Oh my, sounds like fun at the zoo and Maddie's favorite topic brought up by an adult! Lucky girl!!! Love the SNL caption for Sam. Truly.