Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Samuel: 14 Months

Hey Buddy,

The time is just flying by, and here you are, a bonafide walker. For two months now, you've been toddling along, taking even 10 or 12 steps at a time, until just last week when you decided to leave behind your knee-scraping, toe-dragging, palm-slapping way of life. Welcome to the upright world. Your shoes, pants, and laundress humbly thank you.

Another big change in the past month is that your personality has just come alive. You can most certainly hold your own with Maddie, Miss Personality herself. You are funny and sly and sneaky. You love water and will go to great lengths to enjoy some splashy time, whether it's climbing in the shower (or bath) fully clothed, throwing things in the outside fountain, playing with the hose pointed toward your face, or even climbing up on the bathroom counters in order to turn on the water. Let's just say that your Mama has got her work cut out for her!

And Maddie had better look out, because you've got some payback up your sleeve. In the car in Yosemite she handed you one of her toys, thinking you would give it right back. When she called your name you turned away with a sly look, a smirky smile spread across your face, as if you were saying "Is someone talking to me?" I couldn't help but laugh.

You are at that lovely age where you get into EVERYthing: cupboards, drawers, closets, toilets, sinks, garbage cans, *ahem*, the list goes on. I do my best, I really do, but you are quick and tricky and I don't always get to you before you get yourself in some real fun (or real trouble).

You think of things that Maddie never even attempted, like standing on the dining room table, crawling on the back of the couch, pushing so hard on the mirrors that they start to swing on their hooks, freestyling on your tricycle, throwing yourself down slides headfirst--you are a hoot on the playground, keeping up with much older kids as you climb and scramble your way along.

You are sweet and loving and a generous kisser. We simply ask and you deliver the sweetest of snuggles. You often climb up into my lap just to get a hug or bestow a kiss. Early in the morning you will call out from your crib and then let me hold you in my arms, your head pressed against my shoulder. You still reach for and twirl my hair as you grow sleepy. You even climb up next to your big sister and throw yourself on her with kisses and brother loves. It's awesome.

You LOVE to read. Oftentimes when you've disappeared upstairs, I can find you sitting in your rocking chair, reaching for or holding a book, looking at the pages. You especially love books about animals and cars/trucks/things that go. You grunt for animals and make a revving sound for vehicles. Not much in the way of words, but you understand a lot and are able to communicate quite well even without telling us what you need. :)

One of my favorite memories of the past month will definitely be seeing you in Yosemite. You were in heaven as you walked everywhere, usually with a stick or rock in both hands. In less than two weeks you went from barely walking to making your way all over one of our nation's parks, little legs bowed out to the sides like you just climbed down off your horse. Every once in a while you stop, bend down, and pick up something new to hold, then take off again, arms and legs a-going.

Thank you for making me laugh, for kissing me often with that sweet face, for snuggling, for pointing, for grunting, and most of all, for just being great little you. We are so glad you're part of our family.



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