Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Oregon! In May!

We visited Oregon this past weekend for five days of fun with Grammy, Papa & the extended Painter clan. Stop one on our journey: Papa's work, aka "Tractor Heaven." Sam and Maddie got to sit in some big tractors, ride on a golf cart around the premises (Maddie even got to steer!), and pose for some picture ops with Papa.

From there we visited Grammy in her classroom. Maddie got to be a first grader for a day, and as she proudly announced to her preschool teachers this morning, "I'm a first grader now!" She lived up to her outgoing nature by running right in, joining the kids on the rug for circle time, even eating her lunch in the cafeteria. You could hardly tell the difference! Although, our little performer did have some trouble following the rug rules, stopping to comment on a first grader's shoes, or try and get them to laugh at her. One by one, the responsible first graders followed classroom protocol, moving away from the problem, but it didn't stop Maddie from sidling up toward another student, making small talk as Grammy/Mrs. Painter read from "Charlotte's Web."

Even Sam got in on the first grade action, taking a seat at the teacher's desk. Uh-oh! Do I have another delegator/leader on my hands?!

One afternoon we visited Great Grandma Evie and Papa Bob at their home. It was great to catch up with the greats, as well as pose for some cute pictures spanning the generations.

Back on the farm, there was plenty to see and do. With lots of rain, Maddie and Sam were enthusiastic splashers. Every chance we got, we'd run out with our boots and jackets and splash in the puddles. Sam even loved to plop down, bootie first, in order to get the most wet possible.

On Saturday we visited Uncle Joe at his new home in Hillsboro. We took a housewarming gift, and Maddie and Sam got the grand tour of the new digs. We're so excited for Joe and his new house. It looks so great!

No trip to the farm would be complete without a tractor ride. Papa happily obliges each visit, and Maddie and Samuel couldn't have been more thrilled to ride around the yard. One day Papa even put Sam to sleep as he rode along, mowing the lawn. The smiles that came out of that boy as he rode with his Papa were just too cute!

Sunday we got to hang out with our cousins Grace, Lizzie and Elijah. Maddie woke up from her nap and was surprised to see three of her favorite playmates coming up the stairs to see her. For the next four hours, we hardly heard from her!

The girls played outside for a long time, despite the cold weather, even making a "clubhouse" on the island in Grammy and Papa's front yard. They played so well together, Grace and Lizzie such great, patient, and loving big sisters. Maddie is always included and she has the best time hanging out with the big girls!

We joined together for a homemade meal (turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes, all the fixings, thanks to Grammy!) and sang Happy Birthday to Papa over a turtle cake.

Happy 59th to everyone's favorite tickly-bearded kisser!

We miss you already, Oregon family, and can't wait to see you next month!

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