Sunday, July 19, 2009

a trip down memory lane

When I was home in Oregon, I rifled through an old box of mine that my parents had labeled, "Becky's dolls." I was looking for my Cabbage Patch dolls to see if Maddie was interested. Little did I know that my parents had saved many items from childhood. It was as if my mom had selected all of my very favorite and most treasured items and placed them together. So I present to you, dear readers, a review of my childhood:

This is Ucky. My grandma Evie made her for me shortly after I was born, modeling her after my own newborn appearance. If I had a picture of myself as a baby I would upload it to demonstrate the accuracy. I was born nine and a half pounds, swollen, pink, with an enormous head of black hair. When I was old enough to talk, so the story goes, they asked me about the doll and I called it "Ucky." Hence my first nickname.

I don't remember much about this doll besides she was in a bunch of pictures of me as a baby. She has rattles in her feet and is soft and smooth and cuddly.

We are now entering the phase known as, "I want to be Laura Ingalls." This doll followed me around everywhere and even was by my bedside when I had the flu, receiving the full impact of my illness. I recounted the story to Maddie, who has since asked many, many times: "You barfed on your doll?"

I don't really remember much about this doll, but she probably came along during the Laura phase as well.

Now, who could forget Barbie and Ken? Here she is in her red pleather pants, he lounging around in striped pajama bottoms. I only had one Ken so he had to be the good guy and bad guy in every adventure. I think pajama-bottom-Ken is pretty harmless.

And here they are in my pink Barbie convertible! Vrrooom! The wheels used to emit the sound of acceleration but, alas, no longer. At least they still look cool.

And who could forget the Barbie horse? Doesn't every girl go through a horse phase? Mine just happened to overlap with the Barbie phase. This beautiful brunette is outfitted in her turquoise spandex exercise unitard. Yum.

Up close, you'll see that she's been crying. Her eyeliner is smudged from late-night weeping. Maybe because Ken is with the blonde?

I'll just refer to these two as the unfortunate recipients of my early salon attempts, aka Haircut Barbie and Facial Barbie. Lets all be glad I didn't become an aesthetician.

Here's Karleen, my first Cabbage Patch Kid. She's donning a little number hand sewn by my Grandma Evie.

Last but certainly not least, my Strawberry Shortcake belt. 'Nuf said. Awesome.

Thanks for the trip down memory lane!


Anonymous said...

Yep, doll number two with the built in ladder is pretty much sitting in my girls' toy box right now. I called her "Lolly" and she totally rocks. Machine washable as well. :)

mel said...

Love all the old school dolls! I had that Barbie horse & the EXACT same strawberry shortcake belt!!!! My first Cabbage Patch's name was Cythina :) Did you bring all your "treasures" home for maddie to play with or leave them at your parents?