Friday, July 31, 2009

Summer Fun

A few shots from our week:

Playing the "harp" Eskedar brought us from Ethiopia

"Let's go on a [n]ature walk!"

Ready for the adventure

Maddie enjoys walking the dog these days

Riding the Carousel at Tilden

our buddy Kate was there, too!

Little buddy chilled most of the day

Two very excited (and tired) girls waiting for the steam train

Going through a tunnel


Sisters on the steam train

"Just one more ride?"


mel said...

CUTE! You got some great pics from Tilden! I am uploading mine tonight, my camera battery died! We had so much fun yesterday, thanks for coming to the rescue with the extra pants :)

bonnieb said...

Looks like an exciting day! Lots of thrills. (Chills for our sweet Samuel).