Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Maddie: 79 Months

Dear Madeleine Noelle,

My almost first the Summer has flown by! In just a few short weeks you'll be back in school, full days, and I'll be missing you like crazy. Six is so much fun. You are helpful and kind, obedient and communicative. You are a voracious reader, full of life and energy and creativity. SO MUCH FUN.

One morning getting dressed, I overhead you tell Sam, "Buddy, it's all about style. Style to the mile! That means, the more style you have, the further you'll go!" Wherever you got that fashion advice is beyond me, but it gave Daddy and I some great laughs. And you do have your very own style--it's awesome.

It is so great how much you love to read. Pretty much every night I find you like this, asleep in a pile of books: 

Since moving into a bunk bed with Sam, I find books everywhere as they fall like meteors from the top bunk once you've nodded off. So far no one has been injured by falling books (thankfully). Sometimes you'll spend an hour or more up on that top bunk, surrounded by books, layers deep. And the nerdy reader in me absolutely loves it. 

You are, officially, the very best big sister. Gentle and kind, thoughtful and responsive, tender and fun. No one can make Evan deep belly laugh like you. At times you can be a bit, ahem, enthusiastic, but I'd rather have an overly enthusiastic big sister than a boring one! I seriously could not get things done around here without your help and I'm so grateful.

You are so mature, so wise and so composed. At times I forget you are just six. After a particularly hard morning this month, you were able to articulate so beautifully and honestly your heart and the struggles you were facing. You shared with both humility and confidence, not shying away from how you were truly feeling but also without blaming me nor trying to protect me. I was SO proud of you. And a few days later, after an epic meltdown, you softened to the prayers of your earthly father and were able to receive great encouragement and love from your Heavenly Father. I can't imagine a better time to hear so clearly and deeply how beloved you are. We pray that there is never a doubt of how much God loves you, and that you will know just how accessible the truth of your Father, when you take the time to listen.

God is so good in giving you to me. I am delighted that I get to journey with you, to learn from you, to disciple your heart and to witness the work of God in and through you. You have a heart for Jesus, a tender love for those around you, and a desire to share God's love with all those you love. What a gift. So excited to see what the next month has in store for you, little one.



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