Thursday, August 15, 2013

Evan: 5 Months

FIVE MONTHS!!!!! How is it possible?! Stay this age forever, buddy. You are SO delicious right now. So snuggly. So smiley. So interested in the world around you. So easygoing. Evan Michael, you are truly a gracious gift of God. Every day I find myself giving thanks for the delight that you are.

This month was a month of great changes in your life. Shortly after 4 months you moved into your own bed, and then into your own room. While I enjoyed the nighttime snuggles, it was time. You still wake 2-3 times a night, but at least I don't hear (and feel) all the kicking, turning, shuffling, and rustling. 

You started blowing raspberries, much to everyone's delight. After a few days of studying my face intently, and placing your little tongue between those kissable lips, one day you blew out and your first raspberry was made, much to your great surprise and great joy. So fun.

You are also rolling over like a boss. The first several times no one witnessed it, but we found you rolled over in your crib or on the carpet. Now that you have tasted that bit of freedom, you LOVE to roll. Every time I put you down, it seems you stretch and twist, using that big cabeza and flexible torso to get going in the direction you desire. 

You are also an accomplished scooter. By digging your heels into the floor and arching your back, you can make serious progress across the carpet in a short time. But once your head hits that cold tile floor, it is not so enjoyable and you will scream out for help. 

After months of being behind, you have finally caught up in the weight department, much to my great relief. At 4 1/2 months, you were perfectly halfway between Maddie & Sam's weights at similar ages. Your head and length are in the 90th percentile and your weight is finally almost 50%. YAY!

You tried rice cereal this month and loved it. You are very interested in whatever we're eating and even try to grab food off our plates or out of our hands! It's definitely time. Next up: oatmeal, veggies, frozen fruit to gnaw on. Yummers!

Some day I know you'll give me a run for my money (hello, four years old is #sohard), but for now I'm eating up every delicious minute of having a baby in the house again. Thanks for reminding us to slow down, get on the floor, make crazy high voices, and repeat foolish behavior over and over and over in order to get one of those amazing huge belly laughs. You're the best, buddy!

Mommy's happy little camper, indeed.



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