Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Maddie: 75 Months

Dear Maddie Mae,

What an amazing big sister you are! You've proven time and time again how patient you are, first with Sam and now with Evan. It doesn't rattle you at all if Evan is screaming in your arms, you just calmly talk to him, sing to him, and take care of him. Once I asked you to watch him while I was upstairs, and I came down to find that you had 1) changed his diaper, and 2) started giving him a bottle of expressed milk you pulled from the fridge. Incredible girl.

In the first few weeks after Evan came home, you kept asking "Am I in a dream? This feels like a dream." I completely understood. Having a new baby does feel like a dream, both in the excitement of it but also in the uncertainty from the lack of sleep. You are so smitten, and I imagine Evan will return the love as he grows and grows.

You can hardly leave Evan alone. You love to kiss him, hold him, pick him and and carry him around, talk to him, and be all up in his business. Sometimes it gets a little overwhelming, but most of the time it is done with pure sweetness and a genuine love. One day while I snapped pictures, you couldn't even leave him alone long enough to snap some frames. You jumped right in and started smooching:

Other fun developments from the past month include improving on your violin (yay!) and starting to play in t-ball games. It is very fun (and super entertaining) to watch a team of Kindergarten-aged girls as they hit, field, and make plays. You've actually got quite a few good athletes on your team and the parents are always pleasantly surprised to see you guys make some actual "outs." (though they aren't counted in t-ball). You've made some solid hits and helped with some solid plays. We love watching you, and you love playing.

I had to snap a photo of the occasion I managed to dress Evan in his baseball outfit for your game. We must document such things, as it is very rare that I have myself together at all. :)

You're a great little t-ball player: good fielder, great at bat. We just need a little fine-tuning on that throw of yours, but you are certainly tenacious on the field. :)

After months and months of sweetness, you've been more of a handful these past six weeks or so. Just the other day I was asking why obedience was so hard for you, and you told me that you need more attention and it's been hard since Evan was born. So true. I'm so glad you can express your needs so clearly. If only it was as easy for me to meet them! My sweet girl, please know that this phase is short and soon we will find our rhythm as a family of five. In the meantime, please continue to let me know how to love you and care for you the best I can.

Love you, honey pie.



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