Thursday, February 14, 2013

Maddie: 73 Months

My little love,

Another month, another thirty days here and gone in your sweet little life. Six is such joy, really. You are full of fun and curiosity, you are smart and creative, you are sweet and loving. I feel so blessed to wake up with you each morning, excited for what the day has ahead.

These days you are writing lots of wonderful, inventive stories. Yesterday you put together a lovely piece about a ladybug in trouble, saved by a bee and eventually married to a hippo. It could seriously be a kids' book: The Unlikely Love. You sound out words and construct complicated sentences with words like "suddenly" and "rescued." You are reading full sentences, sounding your way through complicated, multisyllabic words.

You are still, one hundred percent, your Daddy's girl. You ask to go fishing on your days off, to watch "Moonshiners" in the evenings after dinner, and any moment you can spend talking to, sitting with, or loving on your Daddy is pure, sweet, joy to your soul. He delights in you, and you in him. I'm so glad that you will grow up with a Daddy who showers you with love and affection, with absolutely no doubt as to your value, your belovedness, your treasure as his daughter. 

With every reminder of how beautiful, precious, and unique you are, your earthly Daddy points you to the truth of your infinite value in Christ, who has made you a co-heir with him. As you continue to grown and mature in your faith, we work diligently to remind you of the grace, acceptance, and joy found in your savior. So, so, SO thankful that I have a wonderful partner in your Daddy to help me do just that.

In anticipation for the upcoming softball season, we've been practicing in the yard: throwing & catching, fielding grounders and pop-ups, batting. You are naturally athletic and surprise us with how quickly you catch on to things. You can easily hit a ball off the tee and when pitched to. You mastered the art of getting your mitt down and in front of the ball in just a few tries. Not that softball is without its get frustrated when we correct your batting stance. You're convinced that after you hit the ball and run the bases, our job is to field and then chase you around all the way to home plate, without getting you out. 

Because you are a perfectionist, and SO hard on yourself, we try to be light-hearted and gracious when it comes to learning new things. You are not a fan of being corrected, even when we gently remind you we've been playing baseball a long time and you are just learning. When one thing makes you mad, we just move onto something else. So far you have totally exceeded our expectations when it comes to teeball. Hopefully when a coach gets involved you'll be even more eager to learn. :)

Your art is creative and full of detail. You draw ladies in elaborate dresses and fanciful accessories. I love seeing the things that you come up with, because I know that they are all your own. No one is showing you how to draw these things but they are just coming from your own little heart, and I love them so.

Happy Valentine's Day to my first little love. We're so thankful that the 14th of every month is a reminder of the joy it is to be your parents. We love you and we're so thankful for the joy, creativity, and inspiration you bring into our lives!



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