Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Daddy-Daughter Dance

Oh, my heart. I could hardly stand it to see my big girl, all dressed up, ready to go on a date with her Daddy. It was one of those nights that will forever be imprinted on my Mama's heart. This age is just so uniquely wonderful; Maddie is loving and generous, affectionate and gentle. The kindness of her words are like a salve. She has been such a love and it was perfect timing for her to receive love from her Daddy on their special night.

And now, for the photo extravaganza:

My sweet girl, with a few simple requests: mascara, blush, and braids. :)

I picked up her dress at a local consignment store. I loved it so much. A perfect blend of sophistication & sweetness that made her feel grown up but kept her looking like a little girl.

What may be my new favorite picture of my two loves:

Lee & Lily picked up my family for pictures, dinner & the dance:

Happy friends:

A bunch of Daddies and girls met up for dinner at the Peasant and the Pear. Maddie ordered Steak & Frites but basically just ate the french fries (she's my girl!) Then they headed off to the Girl Scouts-sponsored event, where they enjoyed a night of dancing, crafting, and getting loved on by their doting Dads. Such a fun adventure! Already looking forward to next year.

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mel @ the larson lingo said...

Ben & Maddie win the award for best dressed. Seriously, LOVE both their outfits. Stylin!
When Maddie outgrows that dress, you can totally hand it down to my girls, it's perfect for Claire's complexion :)