Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Baby Boy: 7 Months Pregnant

Dear Baby Boy YET Unnamed,

This morning I was compiling a list of "things needed" for your arrival and it hit me. Boom! T-Minus 8 weeks and you will be here. 8 WEEKS! YIKES!!!!! I'm ready, but I'm not. You know?

Things I'm definitely ready for: 
Not being pregnant. Ahem. 
The smell and taste and feel of a newborn baby head snuggled up under my chin. Yes. 
Breastfeeding. Oh, how I miss it. 
Little baby clothes. I actually look forward to doing itty bitt laundry.
The smell of dreft. See above.
Soft, supple, kissable baby skin. Yum.
Another Joyce to love. I mean, how amazing are my kids?!

Things I'm not quite ready for: 
Incorporating another set of needs into the morning routine. Gulp. 
Having to put off Sam's snuggle needs because I'll have another baby occupying my arms. Boo hoo. Baby stuff, everywhere. Ugh. 
Night feedings. Mama likes her some sleep (though I'm not doing much these days).
The hospital bill. What is it with me and having babies early in the year before the deductibles have been met?

All that to say, we are thrilled for your arrival. We can't wait to hold you and kiss you and welcome you into our little family! We hope that you love the chaos and embrace the crazy, because that's what you're destined for, little one. 

Looking forward to seeing you in about 8 weeks. GULP.


mel @ the larson lingo said...

I can't believe there are only 8 weeks left!!!!! AHHHHH!!!!! And, I can't believe you haven't nailed down a name yet (this coming from the person who's girl name was veteoed 2 weeks before the due date...good thing Luke was a boy!) And, I have a huge bag of itty bitty baby boy clothes to give you because my baby is too big for them. Tears.

Jessica Johnson said...

Baby laundry is my absolute favorite. LOVE. I'll come over and so some for you. ;)