Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Sam: 32 Months (2 and 2/3!)

Dear Sambino,

On the seventh of this month, you turned 32 months, or two and two-thirds of a year! Amazing! Every day you just grow more and more into a fun, squirrelly, cuddly, silly, adventurous big boy. 

You love to be outside. Many of our adventures don't take us very far, as you and Maddie really love to stop and smell the roses, but it doesn't matter. Every adventure is fun with the two of you along. If she is the mastermind behind the operation, you are her mostly silent and always hilarious sidekick. You two are really quite a pair.

With big sis in pre-K five mornings a week, I've really been enjoying our three mornings together. We go on all sorts of fun dates to Costco, Trader Joe's, the Iron Horse trail, and the park. You are a really good sport about putting up with so many errands, though they usually involve some sort of delicious bribe. Delicious bribes are kind of your love language, now that I think about it. :)

With each month that passes you are saying more and more, forming more complete sentences and thoughts. You are able to communicate your wishes and fend for yourself most of the time, though your favorite sentence these days seems to be a simple, one-word "NO!" Yes, indeed, we've entered the twos. Just a few weeks ago you would happily do just about anything I asked: feed the dog, put your plate away in the sink, wash your hands for meals, grab shoes or a jacket from your closet. Now, you look at me, hold your ground, furrow your brow and yell, "NO!" Gone are the days of easy obedience. Bring it, brother. I've been at this game for two years with your sister and I'm quite the expert negotiator.

You love all things vehicular, especially motorcycles and "choo-choo trains." (You now call them by their full name. Hooray!) Nearly every day we talk about robots. You enjoy getting dirty (even picking up dog poop, gross). You have your own sense of style these days, making your choices extremely clear with aforementioned attitude. One day it was fireman boots (on the wrong feet), a nice twill jacket (without a shirt) and a cowboy hat. Another day it was a t-shirt with clip-on tie and boots. Frequently you don nothing more than your birthday suit and run around for hours, often leaving behind small puddles.

Speaking of puddles, this month you were standing outside the tub, ready to hop in, when you started to pee on the floor. You cut off the flow, hopped on the potty, and finished your business. I was so excited I did a happy potty dance and rewarded you with skittles. For the next two days you sat on the potty all the time, did nothing, then requested skittles. Once you realized that there was work involved, you eased right back into the old routine of just putting things back in your diaper and then sneaking your own candy when I wasn't looking.

Have I mentioned that you are sneaky? Gum and candy have the allure to provide some serious trouble. You are a sweet-toothed boy with the charisma to charm us into thinking about giving you extra treats and the brains to go and get yourself a treat even when we've said no. If only you weren't so darn cute!! You and that smile of yours.

This month you've loved helping Daddy around the house, with his coffee roasting projects, especially. I've rescued no fewer than five dangerous tools from your clutches, switching them out for the friendly, plastic black-and-decker toddler tool bench variety. You're just so much more interested in the real thing. Yep, you might save all your kisses for Mama, but you are Daddy's son, through and through.

We love you buddy. Thanks for keeping us laughing and keeping us on our toes.



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