Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Samuel: 27 Months

Dear Little Buddy,

I don't even know where to start this month. You are really becoming your own little person, a bonafide boy with an incredible personality. You are vivacious and hilarious, sweet and snuggly, sneaky and creative. You make me laugh each and every day yet also exhaust me (in the best possible way) with your constant energy.

You started in your big boy bed one month ago, at your 26 month mark. We had one rough night, and of course it happened to be small group night, so I was up and down those stairs too many times to count as I carried you back to bed, disciplining and shushing all the way. But there was only ONE night where you fought it. My goodness, what a sweet and good-natured boy you are!

In Hawaii you were amiable, sweet, adventurous, brave, and a real cut-up. Each and every night you snuggled in close to your sister as you shared a bed in the condo. When we returned home, you would pat your pillow at night, saying, "Mah-Mah, Nigh-Night." (AKA "Maddie go night-night with me?") When we finally got around to arranging a sleepover for the two of you last week, you climbed out of your bed four or five times as I read books, just to kiss your sister. You were so satisfied and contented with her there on your floor.

You've always had the greatest personality, but as I said earlier, it's as if you are really establishing yourself in the family and the world these days. You are very funny, and you know it. Just last night we watched as you entertained a group of older kids. I didn't know whether to laugh or cringe (or both, simultaneously), as you inched your chair across the sidewalk, bounce by bounce, fully aware of how hilarious you were to everyone watching. The look on your face was pure self-satisfaction as your audience looked on, amused and incredulous.

We used to worry how you'd be able to hold your own against your sister, Miss Personality herself. It is clear that you will have absolutely no problems in this area. Ahem.

Just yesterday you awoke from your nap early, groggy and disoriented. I heard your door open and then you called out, "Mama? Mama-Daddy?!" I scooped you up in my arms, carried you back to your big boy bed, and snuggled down under the covers with you. I know by now to put you down with ample room for myself because you will snuggle and push your way as close as possible and I've nearly fallen off the bed before as you make your way into the Sam-shaped spoon I provide. Yesterday afternoon you were so close, your arm wrapped around my neck, your face tucked under my chin, that when I thought about rising, my short-chained necklace was caught between my shoulder and your face. Your breath fell on my face as you dreamed, twitched, and sighed. Your hand held me tight, gripping on like a baby monkey to its mama. And I loved every moment.

You are a constant ball of energy, running and screaming and climbing and throwing. You think outside of the box, often getting yourself into (high or tight) situations that leave me perplexed at: 1) how you got there, and 2) what in the world you were thinking when you attempted said act. I've just learned to follow the squeals (cries, screams, panicked calls) until I find you, retrieving you and setting things right.

This month you really bonded with Daddy. Getting so much one on one time in Hawaii was just so good for your little boy soul. You LOVE your Daddy and enjoy his company immensely. He is likewise smitten and finds you absolutely, incredibly lovely and adorable. You've taken to calling for us collectively, "Mama-Daddy!", knowing we both can provide what you're looking for. When we first returned from vacation you would walk around, forlorn, telling me, "Go." I would ask, "Go where, buddy?" Your answer was always the same. "Daddy. Go Daddy." You just wanted to go and find that fun, playful, affectionate friend that is your Dad.

You and your sister maintain a close and loving bond. You truly are the best of friends. You put up with all kinds of things she wants to try out, and vice versa. When the two of you dress up together it always provides a laugh. You love to pretend with her and I'll find the two of you mimicking animals or playing baby. You just eat up her attention. When she is away, you ask for her and when we go to pick her up, you are excited and full of glee.

You are SUCH a joy, sweet boy. Welcome to 27 months!



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